Career at UMC


Reliability Engineer

At UMC, I feel like part of a large family that encourages me to embrace the challenges of each day. Thanks to a group of close colleagues, I can work more at ease and immerse myself into my job.


Device Development Engineer

Although I am a component development engineer, I am able to experience other semiconductor related areas from process and measurement to chip testing. My supervisor also encourages me to learn. I believe this is only possible at UMC, where you can learn the entire semiconductor process.


IOT Integration Engineer

UMC's education and training mechanism is very comprehensive. It targets different sections and has different courses to offset any lack of knowledge. The new hire induction system is very conducive to newcomers as well. After company training, I can now undertake tasks and make contributions on my own.


Process Integration Engineer

I have been at UMC for more than five years. Every day, I feel like I have learned something new and have improved.


ESD Engineer

We are able to balance work and life. After work, colleagues also work out and have fun together.