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Learning without limitation

Career and Development

Comprehensive Learning Environment
In UMC, learning does not only happen in classrooms. It is achieved by creating the comprehensive learning environment through the integration and use of company resources.

Fast, Efficient and Professional

Comprehensive Learning Plan

All employees have their own blueprint for training and development. Through perfect learning planning and customized training programs, every employee can quickly develop the profession required by the work.

Multiple Learning

UMC e-university

In the spirit of One-shop Sevice, an internal learning portal is set up to integrate all training systems and information, allowing all employees to easily access required information, plan their learning and take programs. Based on the six e-schools, the "e-University" was established. Together with e-newsletter and article center, employees can learn and share with each other in the knowledge community.


Work and Life

UMC takes care of yours meals

UMC provides deluxe meal(including meals, supper, health meal, seasonal specialties)

UMC concerns about your health

UMC provides regular free health screening and checkup, such as BMD, Abdominal sonography, breast sonography, pap smear and various health talks, etc.

UMC provides accommodation

High-quality dormitory (AC、TV、refrigerator、laundry)

UMC livens up your leisure time

Diversity of clubs, such as tennis, bowling, basketball and badminton.

UMC enriches yours benefits

UMC enriches yours benefits
UMC provides holiday bonus, birthday gift certificate, cash gift of wedding, Funeral Allowance, Birth Allowance, Injury and Disease Benefit and Emergency Allowance
Department Activities(sightseeing tours, ball games, singing competitions, BBQ, etc.)
Employees enjoy discounts at convenience store or coffee shop.

UMC colors your life

Art lecture and big events, including Christmas party, year-end party, family day and sport competition.


Compensation and Benefits


To attract outstanding talents, UMC provides competitive salary and rewards.
1. Annual salary is 12 months, and holiday bonus is 2 months
2. Allowances: UMC provides various allowances according to duties (such as shift allowances, technical allowances, etc.)
3. Bonus: Incentive bonuses will be issued according to business performance
4. Annual salary adjustment based on personal performance
5. Profit distribution as employee's compensation


UMC provides insurance for employees as soon as they start working.
1. Health insurance
2. Labor insurance
3. Group insurance: including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance
4. Cancer Insurance: including claim for first cancer, cancer treatment, and cancer death
5. Dependent group insurance: including parents, spouse, and children
6. Overseas travel safety insurance: UMC provides overseas travel safety insurance for employees travel overseas on business


Join UMC

  • How to Apply
    Please register on this website and submit your resume.
  • How to get to UMC?
    If you are visiting Science Park for the first time, knowing the environment in advance will allow you to save time and smoothly arrive at the site you are going to interview. (Please refer to the website of the Administration Bureau for the overall environment of the park)  

    Address: No. 3, Lixing 2nd Rd., Hsinchu City
    Address: Nanke 2nd Rd., Xinshi Dist., Tainan City

    【Hsinchu Science Park】
    【Southern Taiwan Science Park】